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Mayfields of South Carolina

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Children of Abraham Mayfield (died 1826)


Abraham5 Mayfield (Robert4, Abraham3, Robert2, Robert1) was born Abt. 1754 in Granville County NC, and died Abt. 1826 in Anderson District SC. He married (1) Dorcas Bishop, daughter of Joseph Bishop and Thana Hutchinson. She was born Abt. 1756, and died Abt. 1795 in Fairfield County SC. He married (2) Margaret _____ Abt. 1796 in Fairfield County SC. She was born Abt. 1762 in Pennsylvania, and died 03 March 1851 in Anderson District SC.

On 11 March 1845, Peggy (Margaret) Mayfield filed a petition [See Court of Equity Petitions (Packet #156)] in the Court of Equity of Anderson District, South Carolina; the petition, among other things, named the seven children and heirs to the estate of Abraham Mayfield (then deceased).

These seven heirs, all children of Abraham Mayfield and Dorcas Bishop, are as follows:

i. Austin6 Mayfield, born Abt. 1777 in Ninety-Six Judicial District SC; died 1872 in Talladega County AL. He married Elizabeth McCoy; born Abt. 1801; died 1888 in Talladega County AL.

ii. Sylvia Mayfield, born Abt. 1780 in Camden Judicial District SC. She married Ballard Day.

iii. Ephraim Mayfield, born Abt. 1783 in Camden Judicial District SC; died Abt. 1847 in Anderson District SC. He married Name Unknown; died in about1847 in Anderson District SC.

Notes for Ephraim Mayfield:

Unfortunately, Ephraim Mayfield got into financial trouble in the late 1840's and committed suicide in 1847.  Louise Ayer Vandiver made the following statement in her book entitled Traditions and History of Anderson County (published 1928) at page 156-157:

" ... The town of Belton ... is a child of the railroad, having come into existence as a station and junction ... Tragedy as well as success attended the development of the infant town.  One of the hopeful new settlers was Ephraim Mayfield.  Trusting in the boom predicted for the place, he ventured too deeply in its promised results, and losing everything that he owned, in despair, killed him self in a woods adjoining his house. ... "

The following is taken from the Estate Papers (Packet #1114) of Ephraim Mayfield in Anderson County, South Carolina:

05 April 1847: James Telford and Abraham Mayfield petition the Court of Ordinary to be appointed as administrators of the estate of Ephraim Mayfield, deceased.

19 April 1847: Letters of Administration re the estate of Ephraim Mayfield, deceased, are issued to James Telford and Abraham Mayfield.

03 January 1848: A certain "A. B. Mayfield" [Note: Presumably, this is Ephraim's son, Abraham Mayfield; could he be a namesake of A. B. Mayfield of Monroe County MS???) petitions the Court to permit the sale of the real property of Ephraim Mayfield, deceased. The petition names 10 children of Ephraim Mayfield as follows:

1. Margaret Shirley (wife of Thomas Shirley)

2. Abraham Mayfield

3. Austin Mayfield

4. Thaney Mayfield

5. Elizabeth Mayfield

6. William Mayfield

7. Eliza Vandiver (wife of Jeptha Vandiver)

8. White Mayfield (a minor - James Telford is guardian)

9. Dorcas Mayfield (a minor - James Telford is guardian)

10. Meeky Mayfield (a minor - James Telford is guardian)

16 July 1849: The heirs of Ephraim Mayfield petition the Court, stating that Abraham Mayfield has died intestate, unmarried and without issue. His brothers and sisters are his heirs at law. His brothers and sisters are stated to be:

1. Thomas Shirley & wife, Margaret

2. Austin Mayfield

3. Kennon Griffin and wife Thaney

4. Elizabeth Mayfield

5. William Mayfield

6. Jeptha Vandiver & wife Eliza

7. Newton Vandiver & wife Dorcas

8. Meeky Mayfield

Note: White Mayfield is not listed; he was also dead by this time (see doctor's receipt, dated 6 January 1851, cited and statement of accounts cited below).

1849: Statement of Accounts (undated, but probably prepared in late 1849) re the Estate of Ephraim Mayfield, deceased is recorded. A notation on the Account Ledger states the following:

" ... For distribution among 9 heirs, White Mayfield coming in as one heir, having lived three days longer than Abraham Mayfield. ... "

The above Statement of Accounts also contains the following entries:

Burial Clothes for Abraham Mayfield, sold on 18 April 1849 - $11.09

Burial Clothes for White Mayfield, sold on 23 April 1849 - $5.93.

21 December 1849: The final settlement of the estates of both Abraham Mayfield and Ephraim Mayfield is made as follows:

1. Jeptha & Nancy E. (Eliza?) Vandiver - $29.16

2. Meeky Mayfield - $29.16 (James Telford is still her guardian)

3. Dorcas Vandiver, wife of Newton Vandiver - $29.16

4. Thomas & Margaret Shirley - $29.16

5. Griffith Davis & Elizabeth Davis - $29.16

6. Austin Mayfield - $29.16

Note: William Mayfield and Thaney Mayfield Griffin are not listed; have they also died by this time?

06 January 1851: Doctor G. R. Brown issues a receipt to the Court in the amount of $4.00. The money is paid to the doctor for 2 visits and medicine provided to White Mayfield in 1848 and 1849. The money is from the estate of White Mayfield and was paid by H. Hammond of the Court of Ordinary.

06 January 1851: Doctor G. R. Brown issues a receipt to the Court in the amount of $6.00. The money is paid to the doctor for 3 visits to Abraham Mayfield in 1849. The money is from the estate of Abraham Mayfield and was paid by H. Hammond of the Court of Ordinary.

iv. Sophia (Suffy) Mayfield, born Abt. 1785 in Camden Judicial District SC; died Aft. 1850 in Anderson District SC. She married James McCoy; died 1844 in Anderson District SC.

Notes for Sophia (Suffy) Mayfield:

The will of James McCoy, Sr., husband of Suffy Mayfield was entered into probate in Anderson District SC on 6 May 1844. In the will, dated 20 July 1843, James mentions his wife Suffy; sons: James, Samuel, Ephraim and Kelsey; and daughters: Peggy, Dorcas, Catherine, and Sally. His son James, Jr. is to have the land where he now lives, " ... joining Todd's Line to Brown's Road, thence to brother Samuel's line, including house where James now lives. ... " The balance of his home tract, at the death of his wife Suffy, is bequeathed to his sons Ephraim and Kelsey. His son Samuel is to have the privilege of settling on the piece of land that he and his wife inherited from her father, Abraham Mayfield, to use and cultivate until the death of his wife. Daughter Sally is under age (a minor). The three eldest daughters, Peggy, Dorcas and Catherine, are to receive the amount that may arise out of the sale of their Grandfather Mayfield's land, " ... that now Peggy Mayfield has the use of. ... " James McCoy, Jr. is named as executor. Witnesses to the will are J. L. Todd, Harrison Larimer and William McGee.

v. Elijah Mayfield, born Abt. 1790 in South Carolina.

vi. Lavinia Mayfield, born Abt. 1791 in South Carolina; died Bef. 1845. She married _____ Holland.

vii. Thana Mayfield, born December 1793 in South Carolina; died 22 October 1854 in Paulding County GA. She married Jonathan Reeves 1809.

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