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Mayfields of South Carolina

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Will of Joseph Bishop

Extracts provided by Cindy Stamp


Joseph Bishop's will, dated 02 November 1802, was entered into probate in 1803. A transcript containing pertinent extracts from his will has been graciously provided to me by Cindy Stamp of Texas as follows:

1st I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved son Drury Bishop, his heirs and assigns forever, two Negroes, Old Sam and one boy named Dempsey, and my riding horse, saddle, and bridle, together with the bed I lie upon, and furniture and stock as it stands and my working tools of every kind and two cows and calves.

2nd I lend to my dearly beloved daughter Lydia Springer [Cindy Stamp's Note: this was her 2nd husband, Job Springer, Sr.] during her natural lifetime one Negro Jack; after her decease he shall be the real property of two of her sons, Drury May and William May, to be divided between them share and share alike.

3rd I lend to my dearly beloved daughter Winny McMillan during her natural life two Negro boys named Sam and Hampton; after her decease to be the real property of one of her daughters named Ruja.

4th I give and bequeath to my beloved son in law Abraham Mayfield the just sum of five shillings sterling and unto my beloved granddaughter, Thana Mayfield I give one Negro boy named Isaac.

[Note:  the fact that only Abraham and Thana Mayfield are mentioned, but not the name of Joseph's daughter, Dorcas, leads me to believe that Dorcas was dead by this time.]

5th I lend to my dearly beloved daughter Phoebe Carter during her natural life one Negro woman named Seal, together with her increase; at her decease said Negro Seal and her increase if any shall be equally divided between her son James King, and Joseph Bishop, son of Drury Bishop, to them, their heirs and assigns forever.

6th It is my will that my old Negro woman named Venus shall be freed at my decease and be a slave to no one, only at her pleasure.

7th I give and bequeath the remaining part of my estate consisting of stock and household furniture after my son Drury has his share of said furniture to two of my daughters, the above Lydia Springer and Phoebe Carter, to them and their heirs to be divided, share and share alike, not one shillings worth to be sold by any means.

8th I do hereby constitute, and nominate, and appoint my dearly beloved son Drury Bishop and the Rev. James McMillan to be sole executors of this my Last will and Testament...

Lastly, I do revoke and disannul all former wills and executors by in any ways made.

/S/ Joseph Bishop


John Wallace

Joseph Wallace

Odey Bishop ...

[See Edgefield District SC Will Book A, p. 187.]


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