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Mayfields of South Carolina

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York County, South Carolina

York County was formed three years after the close of the Revolutionary War, in 1785.  The county was formed out of land that had once been part of the old Camden Judicial District.

York County Chronology 

The following chronology summarizes the major milestones of York County's history:

12 March 1785:  York County created from the northern part Camden District.

19 February 1791:  York loses land to Lancaster County and becomes part of Pickney District.

01 January 1800:  York District created from Pickney District with the same boundaries as York County.

16 April 1868:  York District eliminated by the new South Carolina state constitution and York County reestablished.

Link to Map of York County

Mayfields in the 1790 Federal Census for York County

Head of Household White Males 16 and Over White Males under 16 White Females Number of Slaves
Abraham Mayfield 1 1 1 0

Mayfields in the Records of York County (1785-1850)

Only one Mayfield (Abraham) is shown in the 1790 census for York County, South Carolina.  However, there is no mention of this person in the official records for York.  The following Deed Book entry is the only one noted involving anyone with the Mayfield surname during the time frame from 1785 to 1868. 

30 October 1783:  William Mayfield conveys to Elizabeth Meek, for $540, a 283-acre tract of land in York County adjacent to the "Hambrick Line."  The geographic location of the "Hambrick Line" is not known by me.  The indenture was witnessed by Thomas Weir and Milton Jamison.  William Mayfield signs by making his mark.  Deed was recorded on 19 May 1826.  [See York County SC Deed book K, page 412]

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