Mayfields of South Carolina

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Mayfield Biographical Sketches

Short biographical sketches concerning several Mayfields who lived during the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries are accessible from the hyperlinks shown below.  Some of these sketches may be attached to either my Mayfield Family Genealogy or to my SC Loyalists and Rebels web sites.

A. B. Mayfield (1781-1849) of Chester County SC, Maury County TN and Monroe County MS

Abraham Mayfield (d. 1778) of VA and NC

Abraham Mayfield (ca. 1754-1826) of Fairfield County and Pendleton District, SC

Abraham Mayfield (d. 1840) of Chester District SC

Abraham Mayfield (1763-1850) Revolutionary War Veteran of Greenville District SC

Edmond Mayfield (c. 1763-1832), SC Revolutionary War Veteran

Elijah Mayfield (1762-1843), Revolutionary War Veteran

Jesse Mayfield (ca. 1765-1833) of Greenville County SC and McMinn County TN

John Mayfield (d. 1782) the Tory of Browns Creek, South Carolina

John Mayfield (d. 1782) the Whig of Camden District, South Carolina

John Mayfield (1773-1852) of Greenville District, South Carolina

Micajah Mayfield (d. 1798), the "Other Micajah" of SC and KY

Robert Mayfield (d. ca. 1692) - the Original Immigrant to Colonial Virginia

Robert Mayfield (d. 1715) of Essex County, Virginia

Robert Mayfield (d. 1816) of Chester County, South Carolina

Samuel Mayfield (1759-1837), SC Revolutionary War Veteran

Stephen Mayfield the Tory of Browns Creek, South Carolina

Stephen Mayfield (1758-1846) of NC, SC and MO

Stephen Mayfield (d. 1834) of Pendleton County SC & Overton County TN

Thomas Mayfield (d. 1803) of Greenville County/District SC

William Campbell Mayfield (1783-1857) of Pickens District SC and Hall County GA